Just as how you have found your Mr. Right, get the right dress that will flatter your body. Just worry about the gasps of awe from the audience, looking at your ravishing beautiful gown. 

If you tend to be tall and thin, you were blessed with such slim and tall figure. Enhance this gift with sheath gown. Tall and thin brides are the only ones that could pull of such gowns with grace and panache. The mermaid gown will be very befitting and tapers narrowly to the floor, featuring a train

If you have an hourglass figure, you lucky girl! You could go for a-line dress, but mermaid dresses are the ones. Not only do they stress your curves to perfection, but they sit nicely on your hourglass figure.

If you are pear shaped, don’t worry about being smaller at the top and fuller at the bottom. There’s always the full ball gown with accented waistline, made just for you. It minimizes the hips, and draws attention to the upper smaller bodice. Sheath gowns are definitely something you want to avoid as it makes your fuller bottom more prominent. Using the right fabric, the dress will not sit to your body, but will flow around it.

If you are well-endowed, draw attention away from your bust area by having a long bodice, as with the Basque style and full skirt. Stay away from gowns that uses the natural waistline. It will draw unwanted attention to your womanly assets. Make sure your bodice area is very plain and avoid plunging neckline. If you insist on indulging in some details, save it for the bottom area of the skirt.

If you are petite, elongate your silhouette by wearing an a-line or princess a-line gown. Do not even think of trying on that full ball gown or those with dropped waistlines. They will make you look shorter.

If you owned a pair of wide shoulders, consider narrowing your look with wide straps, spaghetti straps or a scoop neckline. Steer the focus away by having a sexy v-neck as it is important to show off some skin there. Puffed sleeves will be your worst enemy.

If you have a thick waist, do not worry too much over it. Please stay away from natural waistline gowns that emphasize the waist. But of course, these are the general types of gowns and body pairings available. The best advice is to be comfortable in the gown you have chosen – you’d be wearing it for a good few hours. Never be persuaded into buying a gown you can’t be happy in. Most importantly, remember to simple. A beautiful smile never fails to draw away attention of any given flaw.

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