Purple Wedding Shoes

Purple is one of the newest trends for wedding motifs, and purple wedding shoes are the best choice to compliment the wedding’s theme. Since purple is considered the color of royalties, couples who want to experience their own royal wedding should choose purple as their motif.

The bride can wear a white dress with purple accents while the groom can opt for a white tuxedo and a purple tie. The choice of color is not stunning, but it also very beautiful and elegant.

Wedding Suggestions for Girls

The right shade of purple should match the purple accents in a bride’s gown. Dark purple wedding shoes should be worn if there are dark purple details in the bridal dress. Light purple chiffon, lace, or flower details in a bride’s gown need a light purple shoe that will complement it. Women should follow their style instincts or ask help from their friends when choosing the right shoe color.

In organizing the wedding, the decorations in the church and reception should also match with the motif. In looking for purple wedding shoes for bride, important things to be considered include comfort, style, and budget that women should ask help from their friends when looking for the right pair of shoes. Women should look for simple designs that are not too high.

The shoe should also fit the bride to ensure her comfort and stability while walking down the aisle. I encourage women to spend enough time to practice with their shoes to master their “bridal walk.”

Choosing The Right Shoe

Choosing the right purple shoes for wedding is as important as choosing the perfect bridal dress. Like the dress, the shoe should also mirror the woman’s personality. Classic designs with pearls and rhinestones symbolize simplicity, exuberant couture creations of purple shoes wedding show elegance and class, while unique and fun designs mirror a woman’s vibrant personality.

While some practical women opt to buy cheap shoes in Payless or Topshop, some want to add a dazzle of elegance and buy shoes in high end designer labels like Manolo Blahnik, Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, Benjamin Adams, and Stuart Weitzman. Shoes from these labels are guaranteed beautiful, comfortable, and high quality.

Be Unique

For some women who want to stand out during their wedding day, I recommend custom-made shoes. One can channel her artistic skills and customize her wedding shoes with sparkly beads, lace appliqués, crystals, and floral cut outs.

For tough women who want to show their fierce persona, adding spikes and studs to their shoes is a very artistic and trendy way. Women should express their personality through their clothes. It is important to remember that weddings are not celebrations of love, but also a celebration of individuality.

Important Reminders

Women should never sacrifice comfort when choosing a wedding shoe. For women who are not used to stilettos, low hell shoes, flats, and wedges can be good substitutes. Women should always remember that the right shoe can highlight or destroy an outfit, and it is very important to highlight one’s beauty during her most important day.

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